School Life

Health and Safety

Health and safety are extremely important to children while at school.

Our facilities and grounds are kept clean and well maintained.

Teachers assess the health status of children daily and notify parents if their children are sick. Children’s toys and equipment are well cleaned and disinfected regularly.


Our fast-growing children need healthy meals. We provide nutritious, well-balanced meals freshly cooked in our kitchen, for all children (full and half-day).

Early-morning, mid-morning and afternoon snacks are also provided.

Snacks and juices from home are not allowed at school.


We provide personalized door-to-door transport services for our children. This service helps in maintaining their safety.

For Kindergarten, the van leaves school at 1:30pm in the afternoon.

Primary school pupils leave school at 3:30pm.

Parents should always ensure that there is someone at home to receive the child otherwise we will not release him/her.

Parents can also pick/drop their own children. Please ensure that the school is informed if someone other than the parent/designated collector is to pick the child.

In the absence of this, the child will not be released.

There is always a member of staff on duty from 7:30am to 4:00pm.

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